At Deep Creek Veterinary Hospital we like to ensure our patients maintain the same level of vaccination and preventative care, to avoid the spread of viruses, bacteria and parasites. Pets must be current on the following, unless medical exceptions are advise by a veterinarian:

  • DHPP (Canine) or FVRCP (Feline)
  • Bordetella (Canine)
  • Rabies (Both Canine & Feline)
  • A current fecal test for internal parasites with negative results.
  • Pets also must be free of flea and ticks, if found during their visit, treatment will be administered.

If vaccinations or fecal tests are not current, we will gladly provide this service for you during the stay.

  • When scheduling a groom appointment, please let us know if there is an excessive amount of hair, matting or special need, as the groomer may need to allot for additional grooming time.
  • We request you arrive with your pet between 8AM – 9AM for the grooming appointment.
  • Be sure to leave the phone number where we can contact you should we have any questions or needs while your pet is with us.
  • We will contact you when the groom is complete and your pet is ready to go home.
  • Please inform us prior to leaving of special needs or requests.
  • Bath and Groom charges include: Bath, Nail Trim, Anal Sac expression and Ear Cleaning.
  • Clips, Special Cuts and Shave-downs are charged in addition to the Bath and Groom charges.
  • We also offer Baths only, if additional services are not requested.